About me!My name is Sophia, I am a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, and just like you I was once on the great adventure for everything car seats. Hope you enjoy reading  all about my journey.

It all started when I was on the hunt for my daughter’s next car seat. She was about to outgrow the one that came in a travel system – which I might as well mention I had picked out by choosing the one I was the least frustrated with in the store, 6 months pregnant while Babies R Us played that annoying music that is supposed to make all of us new and pregnant moms nice and relaxed – and I had no idea what I was looking for. I would stare at these things and wonder what the difference was, what was so special about the pink one or the black one. I would read the height and weight limits like I was supposed to know how long that would last or if that was good or bad. I would feel the fabrics and the padding and thought that it would be ‘so cool’ to get her something girly and super comfortable but I also felt like I was disappointing her when I couldn’t afford a seat that was $400. No one was there to tell me that each seat fits the child differently and that not all of them would fit in my vehicle. No one was there to tell me how long my child should be in a car seat, and which car seat would get me there. No one was there to
reassure me that just because I could not afford to buy her a $400+ seat that it was okay and that all seats are safe when used properly, fit your child, and fit your vehicle. No one.

Then I found an educational page on facebook called Car Seats For The Littles which led me to
their facebook group here. There, I found someone who asked what my vehicle was, what my child’s age/height/weight was and what my budget was. Seriously, how helpful is that! It was what I was searching for! Little did I know that these ‘people’ who were helping me, were called Child Passenger Safety Technicians or CPST’s for short and they.are.everywhere.

Once the frustration and stress of finding my daughter’s second car seat had settled I had noticed that my interest for knowledge on the subject had not. I don’t even think I can call it an interest as much as I can a passion with a side of mild obsession, to be honest. I wanted to know all the things. I kept reading along in the group and decided to search for what I could find near by. I found a few Canadian groups on facebook like SEATS for Kids based out of Ontario and Everything Car Seats based out of Manitoba, as well as a wonderful facebook page Vancouver Island Car Seat Technicians whose website is here. These fantastic Canadian resources were full of CPST’s who were certified through the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada, also known as CPSAC, which is now who I am certified through.