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Meet with a CPST

Meeting with a local CPST for a hands-on car seat check and learning experience is a valuable resource. Receive personalized help with decoding your manual, car seat installation, and how you can best protect all your passengers in the event of a collision is at your finger tips. CPSTs may offer their services as part of a business with a set fee or sliding scale, by donation to help cover costs, or free of charge as a volunteer service which may be at a cost to them. Gratuities are always appreciated.

See the map below for available Alberta CPSTs (list in progress!) or check here to search nationally for a tech near you.

Alberta CPST Listings

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Upcoming Car Seat Check Events


Upcoming Car Seat Education Classes

There are currently no classes scheduled. To run a class or information session, please contact.
To see a list of my current services, please check here.

Upcoming Child Passenger Safety Technician Training Courses


Car Seat Laws

Child Restraint Laws vary greatly from province to province, click here to find out your provincial law. Laws can be a great starting point on how to keep your child safe in the vehicle but are often outdated and we always recommend following best practice. For information on best practice and to ensure your child is traveling as safe as possible, check out the Four Stages Of Car Seat Safety.

Online Resources

Here are some of the online resources with CPSAC Child Passenger Safety Technicians available to help. Many can help guide you towards any other local resources as well!

Car Seats For The Littles – Website
Car Seats For The Littles – Facebook Page
Car Seats For The Littles – Facebook Group

Car Seat Techs of Alberta – Facebook Page
Car Seat Techs of Alberta – Facebook Group