Non-Regulated Car Seat Products

Non-regulated car seat products


What are non-regulated car seat products?

Non-regulated car seat products are items that have been purchased separately, that did not come directly from the manufacturer for that specific seat and are sometimes called “aftermarket”. These are often products aimed for “comfort” but not limited to harness covers, cushy infant supports or inserts, bunting bags, and head slings. If there is concern with child comfort or fit in a car seat, please refer to your manual, contact your car seat’s manufacturer, or contact a Child Passenger Safety Technician for help.


Why are they called “non-regulated”?

Products sold by third parties, marketed for car seats are considered non-regulated because there are no regulations or standards that they must adhere to by Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Companies can claim to have tested their products and pass CMVSS regulations, but for all we know it could have been tested on only one seat, no seats, or simply thrown against a wall. No one except the car seat’s manufacturer can confirm a products safety with their seat.


what do car seat manufacturers say?

Car seat manufacturers have always been fairly clear about the use of non-regulated products with their seats. You can find warnings in your car seat’s manual prohibiting the use of these items.



why shouldn’t they be used?

Since these items have not been crash tested by the car seat manufacturers, we have no way of knowing what the outcome of a collision may be when using one. What we do know is that child restraints undergo extensive and rigorous testing where even the most minor of changes to a seat can cause pass/fail results and that a collision while using a non-regulated product would essentially be a real life crash test that could potentially have life altering outcomes.  Aside from the safety aspect and the manufacturers prohibiting their use, all provinces are what we call “Proper Use” meaning you must use your car seat per the manufacturers guidelines. Using non-regulated products can be argued as illegal. There are often safe, alternative solutions and/or fixes in installation and fitting your seat to your child that eliminates the need for these products. Please contact your car seat’s manufacturer or a CPST for help.



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